Monday, July 06, 2015


Miles away is where my sister is.
Today is her birthday and I wish we weren't so far apart.

She's a firecracker though and the life she is building and molding over there is pretty great.
I'm so proud, so lucky and so grateful that even though she's 3,000 miles away
I've got her as my sister for the rest of my life.

We hope you have the best birthday, Auntie Erin! Know that we love and miss you and will be thinking about you constant.

Now open your present!



I don't really have to get dressed up at work. 
I'm not in and out of meetings like I used to do... 
But when I do, I reach for non-denim and a unique top. 

This outfit worked great for the summer weather and an offsite meeting. 

HM top | Abercrombie pants | Lucky Brand shoes

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Life Lately

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Six Months

Newest and greatest thing is blowing raspberries 
Wearing few 6 months outfits - mostly 9-12 months!
Rolling over (both ways) like a champ 
An even better sleeper at night now because of that (we’re getting 10-12 hours!) :)
Can maneuver his pacifier all on his own
So. Close. to holding his bottle on his own
Tried banana for the first time and thought it was weird (per his face) but loved it (because he kept on eating it)
Absolutely into e v e r y t h i n g 
Big into books, bouncer, pooh rattle and Sophie 
Cracks up when you startle him 
Pets his pups whenever he gets the chance
Fascinated with chip bags, the paper towel holder, phones, remotes, wicker and our watches. Crazy kid.
Loves to watch cars drive by on the front porch with his dad
Prefers sitting up to laying down these days
Purposely moves his teethers across his gums to make a squeaky noise
Teeth coming way soon
Pat his mouth to hear him talk - it's pretty cute :)


Sweetest Hudson,

Crazy to think in another 6 short months you’ll be one. 
Every morning when daddy brings you downstairs your little sleepy face warms my heart. These past 6 months haven’t been short of amazing. You’re constantly changing, growing and learning. It’s fascinating to watch your face when you play with toys - you try so hard to figure everything out. You are becoming more aware of your surroundings and observing things that are new. It’s obvious when you get comfortable - you laugh, squeal and smile. 

You’re showing signs of pride - when you roll over or when you reach for something and get it. I can tell you’re going to be a little independent man and I love that about you. From your love of the pool and walks, I think you’ll be big into playing outside. Can't wait for more outdoor adventures - but until then, I’m good with you being my little 6 month old, where we can lay on my bed and cuddle, laugh and take selfies. Where I can still rock you to sleep and hold you tight.

Thank you handsome for loving me like you do. 

I love you more than you will ever know. Happy half birthday little one! 



Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Staples

Monday, June 29, 2015

Quick Call

I'm never ready for Mondays.
It's the hardest morning since I don't want to leave my baby. 
I gotta re-pack my massive bag and make sure I've got enough milk for the little guy. 

So with all of that in mind - an easy Monday outfit is what I need. 
And this one, well, fits the bill. 

Side note - step out of your normal section in your retail store... this J.Crew shirt is MENS - size small ;)

J.Crew mens linen shirt | William Rast jeans | AE Birks 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Family Road Trip

Que: We're off to see our (old) neighbors! 

Packing up the Kia and heading north to GA to see some of our favorite people that moved away.
We miss them and they haven't met Mr. Hudson yet so we thought we'd make the trip.

Time to dress comfortably and well, hope for the best as we make the trek.
Happy weekend, all!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life Lately

| my little king (Gap onesie) |

| morning vibes |

| rainbow sherbert (childhood favorite!) |

| daddy's boy |

| CA girl at heart |

| papa love <3 font="">

| sweet tummy sleeper |

| that face! |

| early morning brunch and farmer's markets |

| a summer dinner favorite |

| some major dad love this past Father's day |

| i adore our neighborhood | 

| celebrating baby bond @ Rifle Paper Co |

| FL summers |

| my little bookworm |