Monday, February 08, 2016

Boy Mom

I'm a total boy mom. 
And my outfits (most days) reflect that. 
Even going into a work week.

Monday, I'm all over you.  

Scotch & Soda sweater | Free People overalls | All Saints shirt | UO boots


Saturday, February 06, 2016

Weekend Wants | Family Addition

Friday, February 05, 2016


The trend continues.
And it's not just about cool Nike or New Balance sneakers...
How about those jogger pants? (See below!) Dare I say leggings? Guys, those things are included.

Yeah, straight into the weekend!

J.Crew woven (similar) | HM joggers (similar) | Target slip ons (similar) | Shinola watch 


Thursday, February 04, 2016

Life Lately

| only a fraction of this guy's ever growing library (we put our favorites up top!) |

| #legitmomstyle |

| beer, biscuits and babes |

| Hudson & GrandBob |

 c/o Kohls shirt | Gap sweats | Zara sneakers

| made dinner at lunch and this was the perk - fancy lunch. Thanks, Bertolli! (recipe post coming soon!) |

| mornings |

| library play dates |

| love lives here. A DIY from the Target $3 bin ;) |

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Comfy Cozy

Believe it or not we've been having some chilly temps in Florida.
And by chilly I mean 30s and 40s!

So it was the perfect time to break out this shawl my dad had made for me.
So sweet, right? 

Anyway, for a chilly Monday this outfit was just what I needed.
Comfy cozy.

Shawl (handmade) | & Other Stories shirt | Sincerely Jules jeans | Kohls booties

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Madewell - Spring 2016


Monday, February 01, 2016

13 Months

The cutest thing lately - he whispers "hey" to anyone that comes around
Huge hide and seek fan
Could potentially be a future basketball player - already puts the ball in the hoop
Big eater - from Indian food, cinnamon rolls to truffle fries. He eats what we eat.
A big lover - gives every stuffed animal kisses and blows them left and right.
When he plays with a car or a truck he makes a noise for them.
Can pick out a clock anywhere - at the store, in a book, in a restaurant.
New animal sounds include: horses, cows, kitties and piggies.
Can blink on command. His nose wrinkles up and his toothy grin shows.
Loves to push the buttons on the range hood (with help of course)
Gives real, heart-melting, hugs.
And better yet, will come over for no reason and give you a kiss.
Can do sign language for "more" "milk" "all done" and "thank you"
Mocks Nick when he laughs :) Pretty great.
If you ask him where his nose is, he picks it.
Can say: mama, dada, buddy, papa, bottle, clock, tree, grass, cracker, baby and knee clear as day.
His pointer fingers are constantly out.
Anything with an on/off switch or button is his favorite. From Nick's car key to a light up R2D2. Toys 3 and up are no match for this kid.



Everyday you get more fun. You're excited about life and I love that SO very much. 
When you get something right or learn something new you get so excited. You're communicating more and more which is so neat. From signing for more to pointing at "trees" you're constantly showing us how smart you are. 
You're running, climbing stairs, getting into our fig tree, opening up every cabinet and testing our patience, but that's what this is all about. You're silly, strong but also independent. You're not afraid to walk alone in a crowded market. You love the sounds of other kids' voices and can pick out a baby. You constantly make us proud and it's hard to fathom that this is still just the beginning. You're, to us, the greatest little guy on the planet. And we love to you the moon and back. 

Love you baby,


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekend Wants

Friday, January 29, 2016

Blending In

You know that beach boutique I won't shut up about? 
Well, I did cave and buy these super comfy, silky, the perfect shade of blue with tiny lace detail shorts from them.
I was told I need to wear them every day of my life now (HA, fat chance) but they are that comfortable and would easily fit in my suitcase for the trip home. 

A perfect little memento from our trip that's also a perfect piece for Florida weather :)

Happy weekend!

All Saints shirt (sale!!) | Paloma Blue shorts | Target bag (similar) | Gucci shades | c/o Kohls shoes (similar